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The Boy Is Benched

16 Dec

We went to an orthopedic doctor today for an assessment of the thumb that has been giving Joey so much pain. A powerful basketball pass is the culprit, we know that much, we just aren’t sure why the boy is not getting better. An X-ray two weeks ago revealed no fracture, and we were told the problem was likely a deep bruise. But a bruise would have disappeared by now, and this so-sore appendage is showing no improvement. At all.

Another X-ray this afternoon, then the orthopedic guy confirmed no break. He suspects Gamekeeper’s Thumb (aka Skier’s Thumb). It all boils down to a strained ligament, which could be torn all the way through, which is why Joey will have an MRI next week. If torn, we’ll discuss options for fixing (maybe a cast, maybe surgery, we just don’t know at this point). In the meantime, Joey is wearing a thumb stabilizer, (trying) to ice four times per day, taking Ibuprofen as needed, and refraining from use (well, except for use while fishing).

Such a bummer. Joey was really loving his basketball team, and he really wants to keep playing. Will he get a fresh start at the game? We sure hope so.

Ahhh, but that’s not all.

Joey’s heel has also been bothering him (not as bad as the thumb, but still a pain), so we had today’s doc get an X-ray peek while we were in his office. Also no break. Probably plantar fasciitis, the most common cause of heel pain. Another ligament, this one  connecting the heel bone to the toes. We’ve got a heel cup now, and, sadly, Joey will need to scale back on the running. Half-marathon? We’re thinking not. (Will I continue to train? Oh, I don’t know.)

Joey is discouraged, feeling like he’s back at square one, watching his basketball buddies pass him by and logging all those training miles for nothing. The running is not a waste, I told him. He still conquered his longest run ever at four miles, and that’s an awesome accomplishment for a 10-year-old boy. Basketball, well, we will wait and see. That’s all we can do. That, and hope for a miracle that puts the kid back on the court and back in his running shoes.


Half Marathon Training Run 1

28 Nov

First half marathon training run done! 3.2 miles conquered in perfect 50-degree temps with a little rain and up and down a few hills. Joey sailed through it, while I struggled to make running look as effortless as he did.

A Little Lifting

12 Sep

Today, I lifted a little. And that is so unlike me, because I just don’t like working out with weights. Running is my pick, and I walk when I can’t find a bounce in my step, and sometimes, I’ll ride a bike, swim, and on occasion, my mom has coaxed me into yoga poses. But strength training? I just don’t love it. Or like it, really.

Why was I was drawn to lifting this morning? No idea. And will I return to the practice, which I know can help my body in ways running never will? I don’t know. But I hope I do stick with it, because, well, all healthy reasons aside, I think muscles on girls are way cool, and I could use a few.

Turn Off the Tunes and Run

1 Jun

Today, I ran without music. A big deal for me, because usually, if I don’t have music, I don’t run. It’s all linked to motivation — my playlist pumps me up, keeps me invigorated, pushes me through the tough spots. Well, I thought it did. Until today.

Inspired by a runner friend who turned off her tunes yesterday and remarked that the sounds of nature and her own breathing kept her moving, I decided to unplug. Well, to be honest, I run after I drop kids at school, and I’d forgotten to put the iShuffle in the car, so, really, my choices were (1) don’t run or (2) run without music. I went with (2), just because I’m sometimes open to a new challenge (but not one that involves camping or anything like that).

The run rocked! While it wasn’t so much birds chirping in my ears as it was traffic roaring by, I did find myself concentrating on my breathing. I liked that. And I think if you were watching me from your speeding-by car, you’d think I was swifter, faster, steadier in my pursuit of 3.2 miles. With music, I slow down and speed up according to my songs, and I know there’s value to that, but today’s quicker, more-focused pace was kinda cool, too. Other benefits of tuning out: I could actually hear myself greeting other runners on the road, no wrestling with earbuds that slip and slide, and the thoughts running through my head (like, “I really need to drink water when I get home”) were really great company.

Will I abandon my playlist entirely? Probably not. Will I run music-free again? Definitely.

The Magnificent Morning Mile

19 Apr

The following post appears on all of my blogs (this one, my Breast Cancer blog, and Braving Boys), because the topic is just too good not to share over and over again.

Mingling at the Morning Mile

The Morning Mile is the kind of event that gives you goosebumps, said my friend and fitness maven Fitz Koehler today at a Hidden Oak Elementary School post-run press conference, where she addressed parents, school officials, and partner executives from AvMed, all of whom were gathered to marvel at the success of this school exercise program.

Michael: 100 miles completed

Goosebumps is right. I felt them when student Michael stepped up to the podium to be honored for running a grand total of 100 miles since the program launched at Hidden Oak this past November, and I felt them as I watched hundreds and hundreds of kids, their moms and dads, and the officials and execs, too, log laps on the field behind the school at 7:15 this morning. The day was foggy and gray, but the spirit that filled the outdoor space was not — the energy was electric as camera men snapped away and shouts of excitement were captured for TV. It was inspiring.

Fitzness International’s Morning Mile is a before-school walking/running program offering children the chance to actively start their days while enjoying fitness, fun, and friends. There’s some competition, too, because that just makes life more exciting, and kids earn necklaces, plus a colorful sneaker charm for every five miles completed. It’s a big deal, and it could be exactly the fresh start you need at your school. Think focused energy, positive self esteem, obesity prevention, and in-shape kiddos, and this program should be just a little bit enticing — right?

Time to explore your Morning Mile options. Goosebumps, remember? Goosebumps.

Post-run pose