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Bum Thumb a Bad Break

23 Dec

The poor kid has been living with an untreated broken thumb since November 22. Two X-rays missed the break, but the thumb, which Joey injured during basketball practice, is indeed broken, according to the MRI he had on Wednesday.

The MRI came by way of an ortho doc we saw because Joey just was not feeling any better, and it picked up on a “healing fracture.” Nothing too major — no joint, ligament or tendon involvement — and because the boy has kept it pretty much splinted for all these weeks, it has made some improvement. Not that he can feel, he says (it still hurts!), but evidence shows the boy is on the mend.

The problem, however, is that all the splinting has rendered the thumb pretty lifeless, and, so now, we get to trek to physical therapy three times per week for a month. Joey also has orders to use the thumb for everyday tasks, you know, like making his bed and washing dishes — the activities he happily gave up in exchange for a bum thumb. Oh, and piano — perfect therapy, says the doctor!

Our goal over the next four weeks is to get Joey back into the game. And by “in the game,” we mean holding the ball, passing the ball, and shooting the ball. Not just walking through team drills, running suicides and conquering wall sits. Joey wants the fun stuff, too, and we happen to think that if he puts his heart into therapy, despite the pain it will surely cause, he can have it.

Wednesday kicks it all off — therapy at 12:30 p.m.

Report forthcoming.