New Moo MiniCards for Me

6 Dec

I have business cards! You might wonder why I need such things.

I work from home, after all. No co-workers here (they are all in NYC). My meetings are phone calls. I don’t dress all fancy — most times, I land at my laptop post-morning workout all sweaty and messy. And the folks whose paths I cross in the course of a day (besides my family people) are teachers, parents of elementary school kids, and grocery store cashiers.

Still, I have business cards, and they are not just for dropping in restaurant jars intended for monthly drawings, although I do use them in this fashion, even though I never, ever win a lunch for “my entire office.”

I have business cards because, sometimes, people ask me what I do. And when I veer off the track of my somewhat administrative AOL/Huffington Post gig and mention that I write and edit, a few of them are curious and ask where they can find my work. So, instead of fumbling for paper and pen so I can scribble down the names of my blogs, I hand them a card with a few simple facts: name, phone number, email address, and blog URLs. I also meet folks now and then in need of a cancer blog, and what better way to head them my way than to toss them my info.?

No need for big fancy cards, though.

That’s why I just scored some little fancy cards.

MiniCards is what the company Moo calls them, and they are so totally terrific for me. They are small, kinda thick like cardstock (perfect for hole punching and dangling on a keychain. I mean, if you ever want my card hanging with your keys), and they feature different colorful designs that make me feel happy.

My MiniCards are stashed in my wallet, my mom and sister have a few in case they run across a breast cancer girl, the majority are packaged all neatly in the nifty box Moo sent me, and, soon, I’ll be sinking one into the oversized wine glass at Blue Highway Pizzeria, because, well, I’m pretty sure I’m coming up as winner of a shiny new gift card.


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