Border Collie Blues

21 Sep

It’s been one week since a border collie bit the back of both of my legs, and I feel more shaken by the whole ordeal today than I did seven days ago, when Gabby accidentally got out of her house, pursued me on my morning walk, then promptly chomped into each of my calves, leaving me with wounds that are still healing and a butt still sore from a tetanus shot. It’s not the same feeling I had the morning of the incident, when I called my mom crying, followed up with Animal Services and the owner, and reported to an urgent care center for medical attention. I was literally shaking that day; today, my mind is rattled.

Here’s what is swirling through my head: Have I done enough to hold Gabby’s master accountable for his loved one’s actions? Have I done too much? When will my bite marks heal entirely, and will my yellowish bruises ever go away? Will I have scars on my calves, and, if I do, how long will they last? Will I forever prefer to avoid dogs like I do at this very moment, or will my fear fade? Should I acquire some mace, a big stick, a powerful kick to fend off future Fidos? Will I continue to volunteer at the Humane Society because my kids love it so, even though my first dog bite occurred there — and now this?

Maybe it’s the week anniversary that has spurred on my intense thinking.

Maybe it’s the opinions of others that have me second guessing and wondering if I’m properly handling this whole predicament.

Or maybe it’s just normal to dwell on a personal attack that leaves lingering effects and reminders — like messed-up legs, dying flowers on my kitchen counter-top from Gabby’s daddy, notice that the 12-year-old pooch will have an electric fence in her yard beginning tomorrow, the passionate protection of a husband who is both sad and angry this has happened to me, the concern of a sister and mom who get to listen to my ramblings on the matter, and well, that’s enough.

Yea, normal. I think that’s it. And today is apparently my day to normally reflect on what I never thought would happen when I ventured into Oakcrest neighborhood on September 14. Tomorrow, however, is a new day. And I trust it will be better.


2 Responses to “Border Collie Blues”

  1. Ericha September 21, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    You are a tough cookie, but certainly no dog biscuit! You will heal and your fears will fade. Parker and I had a similar incident a few years back on Christmas, but ours was a chocolate lab and resulted in stitches for Parker (she was bleeding and crying and it was awful to see her in such pain) and ripped jeans for me. It was scary, I was angry and the owner was a stinker- sounds like Gabby’s daddy is a little more understanding. Mace is the option I took, plus I feel a little safer when I walk at night alone with the pup. I hope you heal my dear friend and I am so sorry to hear this happened.

  2. projectsquareone October 25, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    Thank you, Ericha! Your words mean a lot to me!

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