Gluten-Free Works For Me

15 Jun

I am not going to say a whole lot about the gluten-free diet, because I’m a newbie, and I don’t think I have the skills necessary for spouting out real knowledge on the subject.

I can say that a gluten-free diet is one that excludes the protein gluten, which is found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye, and that it’s the prescribed treatment for folks with celiac disease. (People with celiac disease who consume gluten have a reaction in their small intestines that is reportedly painful in all sorts of ways.) Do I have celiac disease? Not sure, but my blood is sitting in a lab somewhere, and before too long, I’m going to find out.

If I do have the disease, I’ll keep eating gluten-free.

If I don’t have the disease, I’ll keep eating gluten-free.

It just makes me feel better. Way better.

I veered onto the gluten-free highway maybe two weeks ago, after lots of tummy troubles, and now, all the treats I’ve always loved and craved are gone. I’m talking Wheat Thins, Teddy Grahams, frosted and sprinkled animal crackers, any basket of bread found on a restaurant table, and so much more — all ditched because I realized these goodies were likely responsible for my twisted-up insides.

Long gone are the buns on my turkey burgers, and so is the marinade that soaked into those patties. Pasta has to be a special variety, and so does its sauce. No more backyard bonfire smores, and that sweetness pictured above — yea, not on the diet.

The list goes on, and I’m still figuring it all out (air-popped popcorn is safe, I think, but TCBY frozen yogurt is not). In the meantime, I’m eating lean meats (do you know Boar’s Head deli turkey is gluten-free?), fresh fruits and veggies, some nuts, eggs, and a few other items. It’s the cleanest diet I’ve ever practiced and the best I’ve felt in a long time. The funny thing is, I’m not even really dying for the old favorites, because I fear if I eat them, they’ll make me sick.

So, I don’t have a bunch of wisdom to share — yet — but Shauna James Ahern does, and I hear her blog is one rockin’ resource for people like me trying to build meals and snacks that are healthy, yummy, and gluten-free. So pay her a visit if you’re in market for some accurate scoop, and then come see me later down the line, because one of these days, I am going to zero in on what exactly I’m doing.

And, of course, if you’re a pro on the subject, please, please, please share your smarts in comments.


2 Responses to “Gluten-Free Works For Me”

  1. Andrea June 16, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    I am by no means a pro on the topic but I do have an aunt who has celiacs disease. So for all family get togethers I try to be aware of what I’m making so that my aunt can eat it also. And for any church functions that happen when I’m on the committee, I try to make a gluten-free option for her. I also make gluten-free dressing at Christmas. I have a health food store right across the street from my house so it’s easy to run over there and pick up any gluten-free products I need. However, they are ridiculously expensive but any I’ve had are pretty tasty. I especially love gluten-free pretzels. If I’m unsure of the ingredients in something I will just take the label with me and let her decide if it’s safe or not. It definately takes some getting use to but is very do-able.

    • projectsquareone June 16, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

      Thanks for the comment, Andrea! I’m loving this new diet, and I kinda like that all the junky stuff I ate is not on the list. And I have no plans to replace it with gluten-free junk. I don’t need gluten-free chips, gluten-free cookies. Just the healthy stuff. Well, for now, anyway!

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