The 11-Day Challenge

9 May

Artist, author, and poet Chrissie Grace made this. Click on photo for more!

Eleven days.

I’m giving us 11 days to kick-start some new routines in this household.

The first is financial — our credit card statement closes in 11 days, and we are committed to slashing all frivolous spending in that time. It basically boils down to nixing out-to-eats (oh, how we love restaurants!) and dishing out cash for just groceries and gas — the essentials (for us). Of course, we hope to keep the frugality going long after 11 days, but in the short term, we just want to save a little extra this month.

The second is food — it’s kinda always food, because we know there is forever room for healthier eating, but we’re putting a little extra emphasis on nutrition right now. The not-eating-out-so-much challenge will definitely help in this area, but also, there will be less snacking, smaller portions, and better food choices all around.

And while I don’t have an official third, let me not forget about fitness, which isn’t so much a challenge (I manage to move strenuously most days) as something I will purposely keep as high priority.

Eleven days — what can you accomplish in that time?


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