Teacher Appreciation — Give the Write Gift

2 May

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week here at our elementary school, and while there are week-long, building-wide efforts to show the love for our excellent educators (breakfast, lunch, decorated doors, bouquets of flowers, chair massages, and more), we like to start the annual celebration with something individual and personal for the gals and guys who teach Joey and Danny. We’ve done candles, and notepads, and gosh, I can’t even remember back to the beginning of our school days.

This year, because the boys have been writing so much in class, we went with spiffy little journals from Target, each one with an inspirational word stamped on front (dream, create, inspire) and costing about $5. Not nearly fancy enough on their own, we jazzed them up with ribbon we had on hand, plus pens (also Target, a few bucks for a pack of five), and some pencils transcribed with “second graders are #1” and “fourth graders are #1” (a quarter each at a local teacher store).

More glam: hand-made tags (background card stock paper bought long ago at Michael’s), plus we wrapped up the presents (we made five in all) in white tissue paper, dropped them in a brown gift bag (set of two for $1 at Dollar Tree), and tied the handles with more ribbon. Delivered today, we know at least one recipient loved her surprise!

Need an idea for the teachers in your kids’ lives? Steal this one — we don’t mind!


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