Naps Make Everything Better

30 Apr

I can’t remember the last time I took a nap. Well, before today. I don’t know why I fight letting my body rest during daytime hours — I guess I tell myself that there’s too much to do, and that life just can’t go on if I’m absent for a chunk of time. Plus, there are the kids — I’m not a fan of sneaking away to sleep when I’m the only adult supervising their antics. But today — today! — I took the plunge, because I absolutely could not keep my eyes open. And it’s Saturday, and John is home. So I snuggled up on my bed, with a blanket and some darkness, and I slept for two whole hours while my three guys took to UF’s Lake Alice to hike and collect river stones.

Now, post-nap, my eyes are open — so open, in fact, it’s possible I won’t be able to sleep tonight, but that’s OK, because I feel like a new and better person.

I’m convinced: Naps make everything better.


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