Beach Bag Beginnings

24 Apr

Beach Bag 2011

I’m beginning the season of hot with another beach bag. I must have a kazillion of them already, but when the temps start rising and pool and sand season get underway, I just can’t resist adding another bright and cheery something to my collection. It’s not a collection, actually, more like a scattering of prints and wicker and that cool Mary Kay see-through tote that I have placed non-strategically in my attic, bedroom closet, laundry room, you name it.

Do I need one more carry thing? Umm, no.

Did I buy what caught my eye today in the gift shop at Devil’s Elbow Fishing Resort as we departed our awesome weekend getaway? Yes, I did.

And here it is, my $13 bargain (that is a bargain, right?), soon to be stuffed with towels, toys, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and whatever else can be tucked inside by a family of four.

Ah, summer! Does it inspire you to indulge? If so, confessions, please!


One Response to “Beach Bag Beginnings”

  1. the mommy files April 24, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I love, love, love bags. I have bunches of them scattered throughout by house. One for every occasion (library, church, book shows, and get-away-weekends). I have recently fell in love with the bags from 31 Gifts. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should check them out.

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