Humane Society Start-Over

12 Mar

Thats Mason!

My boys and I volunteered at our local Humane Society back in 2008, and I don’t even know why we stopped, because Joey and Danny loved walking dogs and caring for cats. And I loved how much they loved the whole experience. That’s why, when one of them brought up an old memory of Edmund, the kinda ugly bulldog-ish pup who was so lovable and finally got adopted, I decided we’d get back to work. And, yesterday, we did.

Right after school pick-up, we went with cousin Jordan to the new Humane Society facility (OMGosh, it is so much nicer than the old place), and we all attended a dog walker orientation. We learned how to use leashes, fill water bowls, clean “spills,” and more. We got a tour of the doggie kitchen, kennel area, indoor playpens, outdoor grassy yards, and we met one super cute puppy (Mason), plus six or seven big dogs. And because the kiddos were not happy with just an orientation, we jumped right into our new jobs and got to hang out with Mason (he has a fondness for dangling volunteer nametags and little-kid shoelaces), Jay (he’s really big but very calm), and Dot (she’s white and a shedder, and I was wearing black — you’ve got a visual, right?).  After logging two and a half hours, we headed home and shared animal stories with friends and family. And then, today, we went back — this time for cat care orientation.

More learning, another tour, and plenty of time snuggling cats (and walking more dogs). Only one problem — it seems three of the four of us might have cat allergies. Danny was the only one who made it out with dry eyes, so it looks like we’ll be focusing more on the barks than the meows. We’re fine with that. We really just want to help animals in need, and there’s lots of attention we can offer the canines of Alachua County.

Danny and I are back on the dog schedule for tomorrow — Joey wants a day off so his puffy eyes can heal — and Hydra is the girl we’re checking on first. She’s a sleek, black dog who caught Danny’s attention today, and he can’t wait to play with her.

May we suggest you donate some of your time to your local animal shelter? And if you don’t have a pet but think you might like one, we highly recommend you spend a few hours with a some needy animals. It’s really a super learning experience. I mean, I now know that a big dog would be a challenge for me — did I mention Dot with the white hair also weighs 60 pounds and yanked and tied me all up in her leash while on our walk together? I suspect small is more my speed, although I am in no way planning to get a pet of my own, which is part of the reason we’re volunteering — so we can “borrow” animals, because I have to be totally honest and admit that two children in the house are quite enough for me at this very moment. A few donated hours per week, though? That, I can handle.


One Response to “Humane Society Start-Over”

  1. Andrea March 12, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    I think what you are doing is great. And I’m glad your boys enjoy it. Those dogs probably love seeing your happy faces coming to devote all your attention to them.

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