Get Funky in February

29 Jan

You might not think something that’s 100% organic, 100% fat free, all natural, vegan, raw, no sugar added, and gluten free could be so yummy. But you’d be surprised. Like, really surprised. I know, because I’ve sampled a whole bunch of Funky Monkey freeze-dried fruit flavors, and they are all those things, plus pretty darn delicious.

My favorite: Applemon, for sure!

Even my pickiest eater (10-year-old Joey, pictured above) is a fan. And that’s big. Really big.

A neighbor friend also likes the stuff. “I thought it tasted good,” she told me, “And you gotta LOVE the name!

Another pal says, “I love it! Especially the Pink Pineapple and the Carnaval mix.”

So, the reason I’m telling you about Funky Monkey — the fruit that crunches! — is because February (just a few days away) is National Snack Food Month, and I’m thinking this treat is a definite good-for-you option if snacking is your thing.

Ready to kick off this month with some healthy eating? You can get all the fruity eating details on the Funky Monkey website — see flavors, benefits, where to buy, and have some fun with puzzles and activities while you’re there, too. Then, when you score yourself some crunch, drop me a comment and dish on what you think!


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