A+ For Alarm Clocks

19 Jan

If you could have been a fly on the wall in our house pre-holidays, you would have seen a flurry of chaos on school mornings. Alarms sounded in our bedroom at 6:15-ish, and John and I snoozed for as long as we could before rolling out of bed and sluffing into the boys’ rooms, where we pushed and pulled and tugged to get Joey and Danny on their feet. Danny was the toughest customer, and often, we’d shout from the breakfast table, “Danny, Get Up!” He’d eventually emerge, grumpy and sluggish, and rarely did we have happy starts to our days.

The tides have turned, thanks to Nana, who gave the boys alarm clocks for Christmas.

Check this out: Now, the boys’ alarms start chirping before ours do. Both guys hop up, dress themselves, and come into our room, where 7-year-old Danny and 10-year-old Joey inspire us to get out of bed.

What a change. Everyone is chipper, eating is not rushed, and there’s often leftover time for relaxing, visiting, and, lately, warming up by the fireplace.

Need to revamp your mornings? We say hook your kids up with alarm clocks!


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