Welcome Back, Workouts!

17 Jan

It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m pretty accomplished at starting and stopping in the exercise department. It goes kind of like this: When I’m committed, I am committed. And when I’m over it, I am over it — like no desire, no motivation, no go. When I say I’m gonna run a half-marathon, I do it. I train like crazy, I don’t slack, and I run a half-marathon — no walking, because that would defeat the purpose of running a half-marathon. Get my point? I’m obsessive about my fitness feats when I’ve got a fire in my belly. And when the flame flickers out, I’m done.

Now, I’m not referring to total retirement here. I’m talking maybe a week or two of ditching, and then I make a comeback. It’s usually the guilt that gets to me, because, yes, exercise is good for everyone, but it’s extra important for me — stats say I can cut my chance of breast cancer recurrence by 50% with just 5 hours of strenuous movement per week, and it’s no mistake that my resting heart rate is low, and I can fit into my clothing of choice. I’d be a fool to abandon workouts for good. Well, if I want to continue living (and wearing my fancy new blue jeans), which I do.

It had been about a week of slouching when I woke up this morning and decided, Enough! Out to my garage treadmill I marched (I prefer the great outdoors, but it was pouring rain), and I spent an hour running, walking, and catching up on day-after Golden Globes commentary. Roughly 5 miles and 500 calories later, I felt so much better. Here’s the thing: I have never ever, ever, ever completed a workout and regretted it.

Do I regret skipping one?

Heck yea. And that’s why I’m back at it.

Well, for now, anyway.


One Response to “Welcome Back, Workouts!”

  1. the mommy files January 17, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    You go girl! I definately need motivation to excercise, and I just may have gotten it today. A random, out of the blue message on FB and then a phone call may just have changed things for me.

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