Denim Do-Over

16 Jan

AE Vintage Flare Jean

I have a favorite pair of jeans, and they came to me by way of my sister, who decided years ago to purge them from her closet. Lucky me — those Hollister, low-rise, just-long-enough, perfect-fit blues were just what I needed, and I am so very sad to announce I have all but worn them out. They are not, however, fatigued in that distressed way designers like to fashion them nowadays. I’m talking they are getting thin, with holes starting to appear in places I really don’t want holes. I mean frayed on the bottoms, and losing the ideal fit in a saggy kinda way. My go-to pants are fading, and the end is near. And so, I must replace them.

Today, I bought a new pair. Unable to find a duplicate of my faves, I settled on a Vintage Flare Jean from American Eagle Outfitters, and for now, I am happy. That’s not to say I won’t find fault with them once I yank ’em on at home and inspect them closely in the mirror, but I’m hopeful they will become the next great thing in my wardrobe, only to be tossed aside when they, too, are no longer fit for the wear.

Now, I’m not saying I’m for sure done with the old. (So, please don’t stare if you see me trudging through town in them, OK?) I’m just bringing in the new for an easy transition when the day comes, and I oust the impeccable pair from my closet.

Will my newbies measure up? Will they be snug in all the right spots, yet forgiving of a new pound or two? Will they look smashing with Nikes, sandals, flip-flops, and more? Will they wash and dry well, weather backyard basketball and treacherous tackles, flatter my flaws? Only time will tell, and when it does, I’ll be sure you tell you.

Until then, please dish on your own denims. What do you like, not like? And what’s the best brand for you?


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