Fresh Start By Chocolate

15 Jan

Reader Bianca left this comment over at my Breast Cancer blog, and while I could tell her story here in my own words, hers are so much more real and raw and powerful. So, here is how Bianca is starting at Square One.

I have loved your blog over the last few months, and I have gone back into the archives and read older blogs and cancer stories. Julie Clark’s story really touched my heart, as her diagnosis and progression was very similar to my mother’s cancer story, as my mother struggled with breast cancer for over 9 years.

My mother unfortunately passed away in 2007, at the young age of 62, and I still mourn her passing every day, and I feel for all those who are fighting the same battle. I was devastated by my mother’s death, and my life came to a stand still and has been that way for the past three years.

To help me with the grieving — keep my mind distracted –- as I would despair about my mother’s nine-year struggle 24/7, without reprieve, with the help of my supportive husband, I started my Custom Chocolate Bar Design Company, in memory of my mother. She would often temper chocolates for us, my brother and I, during our childhood, and fashion in ingredients of her choice, and ours, to suit the occasion and season, especially during the cold winter months. Those are my fondest memories of my mother. So this business is my “New Start.” I feel I am at “Square One,” and this is the beginning of the rest of my life. May my mother be proud of me.

Now, if you’re like me, and your own fresh start involves making healthy food choices, don’t despair. Bianca offers some dark chocolate options, which, you know, could kind of be considered a health food (well, a tiny bit, like one ounce per day, but still).


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