Ready to Read

14 Jan

Gosh, I really hate to admit this, but we have not been doing a stellar job of at-home reading lately. Sure, our kids are burying their noses in books at school, but here at our cozy castle, not so much. I think the downward slide came during Joey’s tackle football season — three two-hour practices and one game per week really put the kabosh on family time — and somehow, we got pretty good at slacking off.

We’re about to leap out of laziness, though, thanks to a school-sponsored Read-a-Thon — usually, all I need is a little kick in the butt to get motivated, and a bunch of paperwork from the principals and an envelope for collecting funds has got me all excited. I’ve written my boys’ names on their forms, briefed the guys on the task at hand, recorded their goals (350 minutes over two weeks’ time for Joey and 250 for Danny), and I’ve even made my own pledge, a $20 flat fee for each if they read their little hearts out.

So, this coming week is devoted to collecting more pledges. And January 24 starts the contest, which will end with a party for the class scoring the most minutes, prizes for some kids, and if the whole school logs 223,000 total minutes, three deck boxes filled with playground equipment will be won.

This is going to be good, I can feel it. Joey already is plotting out his plan for Judy Blume’s Fudge books, Danny likes the Ready Freddy series, and me, well, I have stacks of stories that have long taken a back seat to everything else that consumes my world.

Three words — we. are. ready.

Ready to read!

If this post has motivated you to help out a kid (or two), by all means, feel free to offer up a pledge per minute or a flat donation. Shoot me a comment, and we can work out the details. If you don’t wish to give but have been motivated to pick up a book and read, well, then, we’re happy with that, too!


One Response to “Ready to Read”

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